Office Technology

Bimet will help you discover and meet your office tech needs.  Ex. We are available to setup your private  network with one printing point for all computers.  We help update your software, recommend the software suitable for your office use and on the kind of work you do. We  put in place backup services and antivirus software for your computers.


We take steps to make sure your office is set up with all the necessary IT solutions


Computer Setting up for office

Regular PC Maintenance and Services

Local and Cloud data backup

Software and Hardware services

Document Management via IT System


Preventing Data Loss

To prevent data loss, allow Bimet Tech to show you how to go about backing up data. Have or develop a security policy for your data. There is no food and drinks around the office environment and working area policy. Using the right software. Updating your equipment when the need exists. Putting in place the right password policy for your IT environment.

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